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The philosophy behind Habitat GC is to provide our clients with sophisticated structures of supreme beauty and quality. We envision classic designs that will surpass generations, giving their inhabitants a sense of place in time. Habitat GC offers both design and build services, including architectural design, ground up construction, remodels, renovations, and more. We also work in collaboration with other architects, interior designers and specialists to deliver a special place you can call home.

Design Philosophy:


In the design of a building I generally try to follow two principals that eventually lead to the building’s shape: The first is the different parts of the building must be seen and understood as their function, for instance a cinema must be easily identified as such. Likewise are foyers, living rooms, bedrooms, passage ways, etc. In observing nature, we find nothing useless in a flower, a tree, or even much simpler objects like rocks, every aspect of these objects has a reason for being so.

The second principal that I try to exercise is to insinuate to the viewers/users of the building, of what is coming next; I try to insinuate of those angles which they are not present at, at the moment, without boring them.

If to assimilate this principal to the world of music: then I try to maintain a main rhythm and melody, so that the listener assumes how the next section would sound like, yet they are pleasantly surprised to discover that it is a little different than what they expected, yet still within the main rhythm and melody. I try to exercise those two principals in a logical way of induction and deduction, but they are actually an implementation of a dream/fantasy of mine about the building of which its source is not to be found in the world of logic or reason.


Itay Mane

With a degree in architecture and over 25 years of experience in design and construction, Itay is the driving force behind the company. His uncompromising approach to perfection and a keen eye for detail have developed the company's unique ability to synchronize structure with aesthetics.

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